How to fix equip animation not working

How do i fix that when i equip a tool, The equip animation plays, But its just broken



But it just gives this

( Also there are no error in the output )

ignore the sounds

yes finally after 40 attempts of uploading the video

wait is this the wrong scripting support

e: nvm

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Are you sure “Player” is the Character and not the Player instance? Did you mean to put, “Player.Character.Humanoid”?

ye, the player is from workspace

There must be something else wrong with your code or animation, I did this in my own testing place and it works fine.

local Tool = script.Parent
local Player = game.Players.LocalPlayer


Ensure that you’ve set the animation’s priority, you probably want to use “Action”. And also that you’re using the correct avatar, if the animation is for an R15 Rig it will not play while you’re using R6.

It might be the animation priority is not set to action

o h i forgot that even exist