How to fix my leaderstats

I have a leaderstat folder and this script is support to make Power. What is wrong. will not make put Power in to leaderstats


	local leaderstats = player:FindFirstChild("leaderstats")
		local power ="IntValue")
		power.Name = "Power" -- currency's name
		power.Value = 0 -- cash value
		power.Parent = leaderstats

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The player doesn’t have a folder named “leaderstats” in them when they join, you have to use to create the folder instead

oh wait maybe not

yea im pretty sure the player doesn’t have a leaderstats folder on join

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there is a script that makes one when joined.

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question: what exactly happens when you run the script?

Anyways, I’d assume the issue is that leaderstats isn’t being created fast enough. Try using WaitForChild instead

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Great!! I tried the WaitForChilde instead. It worked! thank you!!!

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