How to fix my Tool

Hi everyone, I have a problem with my tool: It is not showing up the same way as in the Workspace when playing the game. The little blue ball part is supposed to be halfway in the blue cylinder even though it is under. Any idea on how to fix this?

Here is a video of what it looks like in-game:


To me it looks like a problem with the welding being off. What did you use so the player could equip the tool?

Because this item has multiple parts, I used a Welding Plugin

In order to get to this result, the parts in the item are CanCollide disabled, unanchored and welded properly, its just that one part that doesn’t fit in well

It obviously does not like the blue part so I would try something different like finding a welding tutorial and figuring it out.

I typically pre-weld my tool model(s) before actually using them. You could try doing the same thing, I never had this issue after doing so.