How to fix Pathfinding Npc's lagging/stuttering

Hello, pathfinding is a big thing. And if used correctly you could do amazing things with this service. But one big issue is that the Npc will lag/stutter while moving. This is actually easier to fix than you may think. First, I’m going to assume you already have a Pathfinding Npc, but if you don’t you can go here for a step-through step process on making a Pathfinding Npc. Now you have a pathfinding NPC. First, go to the script that the pathfinding is done in, then go to the end or beginning of the script and add this line of code.

Character.PrimaryPart:SetNetworkOwner(nil) -- change character to the variable that your npc is in.

And that’s it! Fairly simple!


Much respect,it fixed my problem with my AI stopping to think on spot.

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Thanks you so much! Saved me a lot of time


Have you done anything with done anything with the beta feature of ’ Pathfinding Links’ ?

And had it kick off events or other scripts?

Thanks for any information.