How to fix position of ui

Hello, so I am working on a project and wanted to know why the buttons would separate when I changed the resolution. It seems to only be a problem on wide monitors or VGA and tablets. How am I able to fix this?

Okay so there is a Plugin that help u scale UI in every single device

Plugin: [Plugin] AutoScale Lite for GUIs - Scale your UI

Please stop brainlessly linking this plugin, his issue is not scaling (you can see that he has the plugin open) it is that his UI distances itself.

@5Flipz Can we see your explorer? To avoid this, ensure that your UIs are in containers and anchorpoints are set.

Group your UI into a frame that takes up the same amount of space as the children; the red outlines in the image would be frames. Also make sure that anchorpoints are set relative to the UIs position.

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When I do that the position fixes, however the size is messed up. I reverted everything to the original state. Maybe a step by step explanation could help.

Your issue is that you’re using folders rather than frames, do not use folders. Use a plugin such as ReClass to re-class the folders to frames, or convert the buttons/children into offset before doing what I previously said

Not sure what im doing wrong here…

On second thought, group the two already existing containers into one. If that doesn’t work, revert back to two individual containers but also inside of one.

Did you find a solution? I am having the same issue.