How to fix streaming enabled that breaks alote of scripts?

Hi there, I just noticed my game popularity gets higher when streaming enabled is on but I also noticed my game get’s alote of error and a lot of scripts break because streaming enabled.

I tryed to search on devforum but coudln’t really find that good information (Or I overlooked it)

Does someone know an option to just let streaming enabled on and don’t let the scripts break or do I really have to put streaming enabled off ?



Well, you’d either have to rescript part of your scripts to support Streaming Enabled, or just completely turn it off.

Streaming Enabled is planned to become a standard soon:tm:, so I’d recommend considering rescripting part of your game to support it. Note that it will still be optional, although endorsed by Roblox.

Streaming Enabled works by unloading what’s far from your current replication focus position, and load what’s close.

This means that code ran locally won’t be able to directly initialize instances in variables one by one (usually done through a WaitForChild check), as they won’t be in your replication focus.

It all depends on how your scripts are set up. You will have to consider separate methods of performing your code that support Streaming Enabled (work arounds), and that should fix the errors.


This needs clarification before misconceptions spawn. StreamingEnabled will be default behaviour for newly created places in the future but it will still be a feature users can disable. Essentially, it is flipping from opt-in to opt-out. It will not be forced like FilteringEnabled (and I sure hope it never is, I dislike streaming as it is now).


Okay, I will go and take a look and otherwise just do the simplest way with turning it off

Thanks for your Reply do :+1:

Indeed, roblox will be endorsing its use in the near future, however I do agree that it could be improved before that happens.

Personally I’ve been trying to adapt to Streaming Enabled as it does benefit people with lower devices, but it requires a lot of work on the development side that we shouldn’t really need to have if Streaming Enabled had more support, e.g. being able to select if an instance can be streamed or if it’s permanently there.

I edited my post to include this; thanks for the catch. :+1:


Question, It affects all scripts right? (Server and Local Script)

and if so, Only thing that affects it are WaitForChild() right?


I assume it would affect WaitForChild and FindFirstChild
But it could also effect more stuff, which I do have questions also on.
Could I use game.Workspace or script.Parent if that part is too far away?