How to fix the black edges Roblox adds to uploaded images?


I am having trouble with black edges showing up on my images when i upload them to Roblox. I’ve used Pixelfix.exe on them but to no avail. I am hoping someone will know what more i can do.
Also just in general I am wondering what format, size etc i should use for gui images for best results when uploading, so that images remain sharp and crisp and don’t look grainy or low quality.


Thank you for your time

Try this: Pixelfix: Remove the black edges on scaled images

as i said in my post i already used Pixelfix

Sorry, I missed that. I didn’t work?

nope, no change, sadly sometimes it doesn’t work

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Hmm, I don’t really know then sorry :confused:

ye that’s fine, thanks for taking the time to help

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No problem, I hope you find a solution.

hmm, well it’s not exactly a solution, but i scaled the image down in photoshop before exporting and that lessened the issue to the point that it’s not noticible as much now

You should recreate it in Adobe Illustrator with the pen tool. You know, pixel images gets pixilated when stretched. But if you remake this in Adobe Illustrator, you can make your own sized image and upload it.

well i made this image in photoshop, is there a difference?

Yep, Photoshop works with pixels, and Adobe works with vector. Which means if you recreate it then you can make it bigger in size without losing any quality. This also used to happen to my UI’s. But I fixed it when I uploaded bigger and cleaner version of my icons.

ok so, is it better to upload very large images for gui elements or small ones?

It depends on how big your UI will be in the game and how big your image is. You need to have an average calculation of the size.

so i should export the image at the approximate size of that image in the UI?

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Yes, also basically the black edge happens because of making an image then editing it on another software like, if you made an image in illustrator then it would be clean and wouldn’t have black edges but if you edited it on photoshop and added filters or anything then it will create the black edges if you don’t filter the edges carefully.

can you please tell me what is this and how do i get rid of it? I created this in Illustrator and exported it but all around the edges of the shape these appear

Maybe you put the stroke size to 1 or sonething.

Try these:

  1. Set your stroke size to 0.
  2. Make the image a little bigger.
  3. Export in png.

oh ye you are right, i didn’t even notice stroke, i thought it was some issue with transparency, thank you