How to fix the grainy stuff in your gfx?

So I have seen that a lot of gfx’s have the grainy stuff due to extra lighting
As Show Below

So its very easy to fix this. Here are some tips
1 - Filter Glossy - In the render view tab, open up Light Paths and scroll down until you see Filter Glossy Set the value to 7 or more.

2 - Denoising. The denoiser is at the bottom of the render layers tab in the properties window. Simply check the checkbox and open up the Denoising section. Now given that you are not using Progressive Refine, and have blender 2.79 or higher then you are all set.

3 - Render Value. In the render view tab, you must be able to see a Render option under the Sampling tab, change the value to 300 or 500 and your set! But it takes a long time to render so I recommend using a smaller camera to render this.

Once you follow these steps I’m pretty sure you can remove 70% of the grainy stuff. and it should look more smoother!

This is a render with all the settings listed above!

Hope This Helped You!


Another way to do this would be to go into the compositing tab and add a denoiser node and a despeckle node. You’ll have to enable nodes first but it can remove 99.9% of the speckles and noise in your render.