How to fix the lighting of this low-poly room?

Well as the title says, How to fix the lighting of this low-poly room?

This is the building:



You can make the roof thicker or set the time to 12:00:00 in the Lighting properties.

roof only? Like not the walls


you can do the walls too, its up to you. :man_shrugging:

now it is become like this

Do I add the pointlight to make the room bright?

You can, or you can disable the shadows on the roof by ticking off “CastShadows” in the properties of the block

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@Deciq_z @cheesy_roblox190
You can Play around with EnvironmentSpecularScale or EnvironmentDiffuseScale, in the Lighting, this may help with your situation

Here is some help finding it:
Screenshot (3)

I hope this helps.

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As i see you are using voxel engine, use shadow map, or future if you want dynamic lighting effects, you can fix this by duplicating room, and then make it a bit larger or you can do this: make a solid plane up on your room, and after that set material to forcefield, and make transparency to negative infinity. @DasKairo i don’t get what you wanted to achive by changing lighting properties, it will not help change roblox shading problems

@XIX_X1X Im pretty sure youre not reading my post correctly because this worked for me and i made sure to test it out before posting, you can customize the Lighting and change the Two Values to 0, it helps.

EnvironmentSpecularScale and EnvironmentDiffuseScale has very minor effects on the lighting and fixes the lighting patches on the Corners so its a good solution

These two effect don’t fix lighting patches, maybe you have special studio :face_with_monocle:, none of roblox lighting properties fix these (only brightness) , just by changing thickness of parts will help to fix this problem (if you don’t want to change clocktime) EnvironmentSpecularScale and EnvironmentDiffuseScale will not help to fix this issue

@XIX_X1X Pretty Sure it does :nerd_face:

you’re pure genius, this guy has diffrent problem, like in the video below

In your video, it appears your Parts are Very small, of course its gonna be broken, either part of it is open, or its the Size of the parts

this guy has thin parts, and because of that he has this problem, while you have completly diffrent situation :neutral_face:

Its the same situation, this is just a solution, its a fairly common problem that is easy to solve

For Example, it even a small part is open, this will happen:
Screenshot (7)

You can try making the walls thicker like this, usually works for me.
Screenshot 2023-03-03 at 8.18.13 PM

you can just make a part thats a bit bigger then the rooms surface and make it thicker in Y direction.
Place it above ur room so it will make it a full shaddow.

If the room can be seen from outside too. Just make the part visible only when ur in the room.
I recoment TweenService and set the parts Transparency. This gives the most smooth effect to the transition.