How to fix the text tweening? its looking a bit choppy

im trying to tween text however it looks like its glitching or its choppy
im using text scaled but it doesn’t look right

the text is from a copy pasta, so don’t take it too seriously

first one

second one + rich text and added line breaks

There’s not much you can do to prevent this. You could add a size constraint to the text label, maybe that would work?

mind elaborate why i cannot do this?
also i tried to use the text size constraint and got no results

Use this free plugin to add a ratio constraint to the textlabel. This means your textlabel will always have the same shape, which you can then scale.

This is a math thing. Find a calculation that evenly within a time frame expands the box.

just realized the text size doesn’t go to the decimals
has to be a whole number, not some silly math thing