How to fix this issue that is related to "$path" rojo

I have this problem with rojo. Whenever I create a Folder inside another Folder and when I set Path for it to another Folder it try to create another Folder although the Folder is clearly in the Folder but it doesn’t know.
The part of the code that doing it:

    "ReplicatedStorage": {
      "$className": "ReplicatedStorage",
      "$path": "Core/ReplicatedStorage",

      "Aru's_ReplicatedStorage": {
      "$className": "Folder",
      "$path": "Aru's/Shared/Aru's_ReplicatedStorage",
        "Packages": {
          "$path": {"optional": "node_modules"},
          "$ignoreUnknownInstances": true
        "$ignoreUnknownInstances": false

My project structure:

After sync with rojo:

Create another Packages folder.
I have tried to use meta file but it doesn’t support path

Turn out it was not possible for my problem because of name collision problem.