How to fix this line of code?

I’ve tried everything, but I cannot fix this line of code:

game.Workspace.Camera.CFrame =, IntroTunnel.CameraFace.Position)

The IntroTunnel variable:

local IntroTunnel = game.Workspace:FindFirstChild("IntroTunnel")`

The output error says that “CameraOrigin is not a valid member of Model” however it is.

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Perhaps try waiting for the other parts too? If you’re sure they’re there, it might just be due to them not loading yet:

local IntroTunnel = game.Workspace:FindFirstChild("IntroTunnel")
local CameraOrigin = IntroTunnel:WaitForChild("CameraOrigin")
local CameraFace = IntroTunnel:WaitForChild("CameraFace")
game.Workspace.Camera.CFrame =, CameraFace.Position)