How to fix weird blue-ish shading

Hello, i’m making a sonic fangame and am trying to import a character model ingame (its using mesh deform)
Problem is, whenever i import him into roblox he has a weird blue-ish shading applied to him

He looks fine in blender, however. I don’t know how to fix this, so any help is appreciated.

Have you tried changing the EnviromentDiffuseScale and/or EnviromentSpecularScale Settings in “Lighting”?
Try setting them to 0.

If that doesn’t work, then try changing the OutdoorAmbient or Ambient which can also be found in “Lighting”.

that’d change every models shading, which i dont want

What about changing the material of Tails to neon? Maybe that would fix it?

do you have sharp edges, creases or smooth shading? ive noticed that sometimes they mess with roblox’ shading on fbx import

it could be the sky changing the color like that

I’m not too sure, but I think you have something in the Mesh that’s causing the shading to be reversed. I’ve heard others mention vertex shading or something like that.

The bluish colour isn’t wrong. Look a the shading of the white mushroom base behind Tails. It looks blue when it’s in the shadow of the top part of the mushroom.

Look at Tails’ shadow on the ground, but compare the lighting and shadow on his stomach, arms, legs, and head to his feet and tail. The feet and tail seem to be lit according to the world lighting, but every other body part has the shading opposite (lit and shadow sides reversed). It isn’t

Looks like you’ve accidentally inverted your normals, like what almost all UGC hats look like.

In Blender, go to the shading tab and make sure it looks okay.

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