How to force a player to sit down

Im trying to script it so a player teleports from one seat to another seat however if i do this the seat just teleports with the player. Any solutions?


You would make the Player jump using Humanoid.Jump then sit the player using Seat:Sit().

Is there a better way to do it?

Not that i know of.

I think you can try changing the seat weld part0 or part1 to swap seats.

Alr ill mess around with that and ill let you know

Use seat:Sit(humanoid)
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There is a method seat:Sit() which will work. Seat.Occupant is read only, and Humanoid.SeatPart is also read only, leaving you to use the seat:Sit() method.

Do note that seat:Sit() will not work if the player is already sitting, so you may have to check for Humanoid.SeatPart in order to tell if you have to use Humanoid.Jump for the player to leave the seat.

if humanoid.SeatPart then
	humanoid.Sit = false
	--teleport player
	--teleport player
	if not humanoid.SeatPart then
		seat:Sit(humanoid) --if the player didn't sit upon teleport

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