How to force replication of sitting animation to other players?

I have the following problem.
Sometime when the player touches a part, it is automatically “sit” by the server on a Seat.
However often the other players do not see this sitting animation, but they see the last previous animation of the player (they see the player on the seat by in a frozen falling animation).
How can I force refresh the player’s current sitting animation so it can be seen correctly by the other players?

Thanks in advance

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They probably don’t see the animation because either Roblox is bugging, because I’ve never heard of this issue before, or the seat doesn’t exist on their side or something along those lines.

Make sure the seat exist on those clients that are having that issue.

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The seat exists everywhere, so this is not the reason

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You can see the issue on the screenshots below.
It is easily reproducible in Studio when you run a game with 2 players:

The player himself (player1) and the server see the sitting animation ok:


The other player (2) sees this:


player 1 was in a jumping/falling animation before the server force seats him.

I tried explicitly playing the sitting animation (on the server and on the client) for player 1, but this did not help and does not change what player 2 sees…

Any idea?

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I still cannot find a solution to this problem :sob:
I tried force playing the Sit animation at the server half second after the player is sit, but no effect.
1/3 of the time the other players see a player who is in running or falling animation while being at the seat…

Any idea? :pray: