How to freeze a player?

Ok so, i have this magic move im making, and it throws out a shockwave right.
ok so I was wondering how I would clone a part to another player via on touched
and make them not able to move.
Basically how would I encase someone in ice and make it where they cant move then it deletes the ice and returns back to normal after a certain amount of time
Im not asking for a full script, just an example or what i need to know.

– Edit: also need to know how to do this without encasing the player who is using the move in the ice.


You can anchor all their body parts, or you can set their Humanoid’s WalkSpeed and JumpPower to 0, then restore them once you want to unfreeze the player. I would personally anchor all their body parts so you do not have to save their JumpPower and WalkSpeed, and if you have a sprinting key it won’t cause issues.


how would i make the part clone into a player on touched without cloning it into the player who presses the key that is used to activate the script

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Check if the character you’re freezing belongs to the player who made the move.

You can use game.Players:GetPlayerFromCharacter to get the actual player the attack is supposed to injure.

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This forum isn’t for jokes, it’s for helping people.


This should help


local IceBlock ="Part")
IceBlock.BrickColor ="Baby blue")
IceBlock.Size =, 7, 5)
IceBlock.Transparency = 0.5
IceBlock.Anchored = true

local Frozen = {} -- we will use this to store all of our frozen characters

function CharAnchor(Character, AnchorBool) -- anchor will be true or false
	for _, CharacterPart in pairs(Character:GetChildren()) do
		if CharacterPart:IsA("BasePart") then -- if the child is a basepart so we don't try to anchor scripts etc and get an error
			CharacterPart.Anchored = AnchorBool

function FreezeCharacter(Character)
	if not Frozen[Character] then -- if the Character isn't already frozen

		CharAnchor(Character, true) -- anchor the character
		local IceBlockClone = IceBlock:Clone()
		IceBlockClone.Parent = workspace
		IceBlockClone.CFrame = Character.PrimaryPart.CFrame -- move the IceBlock to the character
		Frozen[Character] = IceBlockClone -- index the character with the new IceBlock

function UnFreezeCharacter(Character)
	local FrozenCheck = Frozen[Character] -- Checks if the Character is frozen
	if FrozenCheck then 
		CharAnchor(Character, false)
		FrozenCheck = nil


This sounds like this would be something executed in a tool. In this case, you would have to use RemoteEvents and think of a smart Server-Client model.

A suggestion I have for your model is to have a parallel system: Have the client run basically the same code as there server so that

  1. The client can have a smooth experience and not experience “input lag”
  2. Game is resistant to exploiters (as if you do the hit checking on the client and pass a name an exploiter can pass any old name and error your script or, worse, freeze people at their will)

@Quoteory has some good code on actually freezing the player, but this post is just to get you thinking of executing that code securely and correctly.


Clone an ice block and CFrame it to the character, then anchor their HumanoidRootPart, or set their walkspeed and jumppower to 0

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Sorry to revive this but, this should be recorded somewhere. I was digging in the wiki once to solve this exact problem. You can actually do this by doing:

function randomThing()
	return Enum.ContextActionResult.Sink


To allow the character to move again, you do:


I believe a while ago this was posted by TheGame101 but, I’m not too sure.