How to gap fill this?

Basically 2 wedges, on top of each other, on a slight angle. I’ve tried every gapfill setting, and none of them create a clean fill

Four WedgeMeshes made really thin on one axis. They can be placed back-to-back in the gap so their angled sides meet up.Gapfill


There is a way to it if you calcuate correctly.

But there is also a Roblox Plugin you can install and use to to fill the gap.

Please read my question before suggesting something which I have already tried and CLEARLY stated in my question :upside_down_face:

To be honest, saying you’ve tried every gapfill setting doesn’t imply that you’ve tried every gapfill plugin.
It sounds more like you’ve tried all the settings in a single gapfill plugin.

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When someone mentions gapfill it’d be wise to assume they are talking about the most 1 gapfill plugin 99% of developers use :upside_down_face:

Hey @NinjoOnline!

You haven’t used every plugin.


  • Unable to get a clean fill

Testing Methodology

  • Two wedges stacked on one another.
  • Rotated to a certain incline.



Plugin Settings:


Solution ( I recreate a clean fill here)

GapFill Example (DevForum).rbxl (21.7 KB)


Hope I helped.


Also: @Scottifly

Your methodology is correct.


I replicated what you are trying to do and I think I found out what your issue is.
I don’t think there’s a way to avoid this unless you add a buffer in-between your two wedges that is a regular part or make the wedges wider.
You need to use unions to remove the rough edges because of the size limit for the parts.

If I don’t solve your issue I am always happy to help you out in messages. :+1:

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