How to generate HumanoidDescription from a character?

I’ve got a lot avatars that I have designed in studio (+ a lot more to come)

However all of their HumanoidDescriptions are the same, and they’re all wrong. Is there anyway for me to generate the correct humanoid description quickly?


PS. Can’t decide whether this should go in building or scripting support

HumanoidDescription works as information about “Player” “Character” avatar, if you are trying to use a “Dummy” or “Humanoid” from Roblox Studio, you will need to set each part into “HumanoidDescription” propretie. The only way I know on how to get “HumanoidDescription” of a avatar is only from a Roblox “Player”.

So I’d need to set all of the HumanoidDescription properties manually for every avatar? Is there no easier way :sob:

Sadly yes, maybe there is a way I don’t know. Keep searching for some topics about this, good luck!


may or may not do what you asked for.

Yea sadly not, that returns the existing humanoid description which is not correct compared to the actual character.

One more easy way… I think. Is that you loop through every character parts. Gathering all the info needed for HumanoidDescription and then yea. Or just manually do it. I hope you understand what I mean.

Yeah I might need to do that first option, thank you for your replies!

Yea np. Or I guess someone else might have a clever idea.

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Could use the console with a for i,v in pairs to apply all the clothing assets that are on the character, as @Qinrir said, to the humanoid description. So something similar to:

ListOfCharacters = workspace.GroupOfCharacters:GetChildren() -- Linking a model or folder of all of your characters.

for _,Character in ipairs(ListOfCharacters) do
      local HumanoidDescription = Character.Humanoid.HumanoidDescription:GetAppliedDescription()

      HumanoidDescription.Shirt = Character.Shirt.ShirtTemplate
      HumanoidDescription.Pants = Character.Pants.PantsTemplate

      HumanoidDescription.HeadColor = Character["Body Colors"].HeadColor
      HumanoidDescription.LeftArmColor = Character["Body Colors"].LeftArmColor
      HumanoidDescription.LeftLegColor = Character["Body Colors"].LeftLegColor
      HumanoidDescription.RightArmColor = Character["Body Colors"].RightArmColor
      HumanoidDescription.RightLegColor = Character["Body Colors"].RightLegColor
      HumanoidDescription.TorsoColor = Character["Body Colors"].TorsoColor

      --Regarding accessories, they're a bit more elaborate and a pain to actually code out, at least for me. So, unless if you find someone with some better programming skills than I, you'd unfortunately have to apply them manually.
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Okay, since I have all of the asset IDs for all of the items anyway, I’ve managed to make a script that generates a HumanoidDescription with the IDs:

local ids = {}

local humanoidDescription ="HumanoidDescription")
local MPS = game:GetService("MarketplaceService")

local back = ""
local face = ""
local front = ""
local hair = ""
local hats = ""
local neck  = ""
local shoulder = ""
local waist = ""	

for index,id in pairs(ids) do
	local asset = MPS:GetProductInfo(id)
	local t = asset.AssetTypeId

	if t == 11 then
		humanoidDescription.Shirt = id
	elseif t == 12 then
		humanoidDescription.Pants = id
		-- Must be something else
		if t == 46 then -- Back Accessory
			back = back..","..tostring(id)
		elseif t == 42 then -- Face Accessory
			face = face..","..tostring(id)
		elseif t == 45 then -- front
			front = front..","..tostring(id)
		elseif t == 41 then -- hair
			hair = hair..","..tostring(id)
		elseif t == 8 then -- hat
			hats = hats..","..tostring(id)
		elseif t == 43 then -- neck
			neck= neck..","..tostring(id)
		elseif t == 44 then -- shoulder
			shoulder = shoulder..","..tostring(id)
		elseif t == 47 then -- waist
			waist = waist..","..tostring(id)

		-- Not an accessory
		if t == 18 then -- face
			humanoidDescription.Face = id
		elseif t == 17 then -- head
			humanoidDescription.Head = id
		elseif t == 29 then -- left arm
			humanoidDescription.LeftArm = id
		elseif t == 30 then -- left leg
			humanoidDescription.LeftLeg = id
		elseif t == 28 then -- right arm
			humanoidDescription.RightArm = id
		elseif t == 31 then -- right leg
			humanoidDescription.RightLeg = id
		elseif t == 27 then -- torso
			humanoidDescription.Torso = id

warn("Back: "..back)
humanoidDescription.BackAccessory = back
warn("Face: "..face)
humanoidDescription.FaceAccessory = face
warn("Front: "..front)
humanoidDescription.FrontAccessory = front
warn("Hair: "
humanoidDescription.HairAccessory = hair
warn("Hats: "..hats)
humanoidDescription.HatAccessory = hats
warn("Neck: "..neck)
humanoidDescription.NeckAccessory = neck
warn("Shoulder: "..shoulder)
humanoidDescription.ShouldersAccessory = shoulder
warn("Waist: "..waist)
humanoidDescription.WaistAccessory = waist

humanoidDescription.Parent = workspace
print "finish"

It’s not very pretty, but it’s only made to run in the command bar,