How to get a DevForum tag Builder, Scripter, Animator, etc

Hello Developers, I am realizing that some people are asking me how to get a tag/join a group on the DevForum.


If you dont have a tag or just dont know how to get a tag press on the blue “here” here

If you want to do it another way you can also do it by looking at the top right of your screen and pressing the three lines and then pressing groups after the three lines.


Once you go to that page make sure your logged in and a member+ on the DevForum.

After you are done logging in or are already logged in choose your groups Builder, Scripter, Animator, etc.

After you are done that you should have your tag!

Thank you for viewing this post if you have any questions just reply on this post with an @SharkBoy30HD please and I will try to answer as soon as possible. I hope you have a good day!

Edit: Thank you @dibblydubblydoo for suggesting option 2.


Press the 3 bars and click groups, and boom!


Yes you can do that also but doing a link is easier in my opinion.

I will make an edit write now for an option 2 thank you!

Actually, the devforum gives you a message when you become a member and in it gives a link to the groups but this would be helpful cause for me,(last time) I only knew how to enter the groups once and I didn’t know how to enter it again so this will be useful for beginners.

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Thank you for the feedback! And I completely agree with you and I had the same problem with joining groups a second time.