How to get a list of servers of your game

I want to be able to see a sever with its population and maybe its ping. I know there is a module that does it but i cant find it. If there are any better alternatives to this or api I could look at that would be great.

Consider using Messaging Service . Its kinda easy to use, but you do have to respect the limitations of this service, and this service is a best effort kind of deal. Other then messaging service, you will have to look at using APIs and HttpService.

Messaging Service: allows you to send data arcoss all the servers within an experience live. If you use messaging service, you would use it and probably hook it up to a datastore, to minimize the amount calls. That is what I would recommend.

Mentioned Limits of Messaging Service
Size of message 1kB
Messages sent per game server 150 + 60 * (number of players in this game server) per minute
Messages received per topic (10 + 20 * number of servers) per minute
Messages received for entire game (100 + 50 * number of servers) per minute
Subscriptions allowed per game server 5 + 2 * (number of players in this game server)

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