How to get a Players Username based on a string?

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    How to get a Players Username based on a string?
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    When I put player connected OnServerEvent, the player.Name isn’t really registering as the players user when the Server.HandleJoinRequest fires.
    It’s not getting the players username, it’ll give me an error:
    Error: Required argument “userId” is missing
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No solutions, even tried looking at other forums.

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Then you didn’t fill in the UserID parameter. Just give it player.UserId.

This is the function being called:

function JoinRequests() { // Validator for HandleJoinRequest
	return [
			.custom((value, { req, loc, path }) => {
				if (typeof req.body.Group === "number") { return value; } else { throw new Error(`Parameter 'Group' must be an integer, not type '${typeof (value)}'`) }
			.custom((value, { req, loc, path }) => {
				if (typeof req.body.Username === "string") { return value; } else { throw new Error(`Parameter 'Username' must be a string, not type '${typeof (value)}'`) }
			.custom((value, { req, loc, path }) => {
				if (typeof req.body.Accept === "boolean") { return `${value}` } else { throw new Error(`Parameter 'Accept' must be a boolean, not type '${typeof (value)}'`) }

No UserId is indicated or needed.

Show the handleJoinRequest function."/HandleJoinRequest", JoinRequests(), Validate, function (req, res, next) {
    // At this point the request has been authenticated and body contents are validated.

    let Group = req.body.Group
    let Username = req.body.Username
    let Accept = req.body.Accept

    roblox.handleJoinRequest({ group: Group, username: Username, accept: Accept })
        .then(() => {
            console.log(`Handled join request of user ${Username} successfully.`)
                error: null,
                message: `Handled join request of user ${Username} successfully.`
        .catch(err => {
            res.status(500).send({ error: err.message })
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let roblox = require("noblox.js");

roblox = noblox.js

Which line is causing the error?

		Server.HandleJoinRequest(groupID, player.Name, Accept)

I assume you forgot to remove the userid parameter from the HandleJoinRequest function inside of the Server module

My guess is that the server/api you’re using to accept the join request is supposed to take a userID, check the function to make sure there isn’t a parameter for the userId.

Nope, I didn’t.

Server.HandleJoinRequest = function(GroupId, PlayerUsername, Boolean)
	assert(typeof(GroupId) == "number", "Error: GroupId must be an integer") -- Throw error if GroupId is not an integer
	assert(typeof(PlayerUsername) == "string", "Error: PlayerUsername must be a string") -- Throw error if PlayerUsername is not a string
	assert(typeof(Boolean) == "boolean", "Error: Boolean must be a boolean value") -- Throw error if Boolean is not a boolean value

	local Body = {
		Group = GroupId;
		Username = PlayerUsername;
		Accept = Boolean; -- true or false
	local Success, Result = pcall(function()
	    return Request('HandleJoinRequest', Body)

There’s no parameter for the userId, it’s checking for the players username by a string value, however, I don’t know how to make a string value based on a players username when someone connects to the game.

Is the error returned from the website or is it a roblox error?

ROBLOX Error, I’m using noblox.js features for my vps coding on repl.

Can you show a screenshot of the whole error stack?

Do you have discord by any chance, we can further discuss on discord.

Add: DivideAndConquere#0001

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WOW!, thanks for being scripting so far and helping people

Please post it here so other people can help you too.