How to get a POS of a Intersection


So, i want to get the intersection position of this grid (for ex.), but i didn’t get any info as other grids have ray and i don’t like to use rays, even regions and i was wondering how do we get them without rays and regions

You can use math to predict these points. You would get the top left of the grid, then offset by gridsize * offset, where offset is the amount of grid cells in each direction, to get the bottom right of the grid cell.

If you aren’t planning to script anything, and just want to build something there, then you should just use half the size of the grid cell as the increment, or something. It’s hard to tell what you actually need.

For the corners of a cell, where x,y are the coordinates of the cell and z is the cellsize, the coordinates for the corners are:


These are also known as ‘vertices’, in this case, whereas cells are called ‘faces’.


has a position of -520.022, -7.357, -13.161, now how can i get that by a script

Well that depends on how you are creating your grid … you’re creating that with a script yes? You will need to have at least the origin or center position of the grid, and the size of it.

What I am explaining to you is how to mathematically get it, not how to script it. Because I can’t tell you how to script it without knowing what you’re working with.