How to get a random item out of a table

I keep getting this error: ServerScriptService.Main.RoundScript:31: invalid argument #2 to ‘random’ (interval is empty)

 local availableMaps = {}
    for _, map in pairs(maps:GetChildren()) do
        if map.Settings.Difficulty == flood.intensity then

 local chosen = availableMaps[math.random(1,#availableMaps)]

this is a map script where it picks maps with the same intensity.
if someone can fix this error i will be very thankful

availableMaps length is 0. Thus, it is an invalid 2nd argument for math.random.

The condition in the loop probably wasn’t satisfied, so it didn’t insert a value to the table.

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I see now, I printed out the table before the random and it just showed “{}”.
How would I go by fixing this?

There are two things I can think of.

There is nothing insinde maps.

The conditional statement you put in the loop wasn’t satisfied, so you could check with a print statement before the condition to debug whether two values are true.

Wait, is difficulty a string value?

Its a number value, I just realised i didnt do .Value

I forgot to put .Value lmao thanks for the help

No problem! If you have any more issues feel free to add.

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