How to get a transparent gui to overlap a gui?

Im trying to recreate the “Criminality” main menu. On the main menu, the menu buttons tween from the left to right and kind of appear through an invisible frame/gui. How did they do this and how can i recreate this effect?

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ZIndex I am pretty sure, if the value of ZIndex is higher on a UI, that will put it in front of it. I did not try out but try putting a transparent frame, then make the ZIndex Value to 2, and see if that works.

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I think you are looking for this

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It only has the effect if the transparency is set to 0. In this case, i want it to come out of a fully transparent frame, such as in the image

Not quite sure what you are referring to? You want the frame to clip apart of another GUI? If so, something like that is not possible, you’d have to do it with zIndex and ClipsDescendants.

zIndex and ClipsDescendants only work with a visible gui. In the image that i linked, do you see how the buttons tween from left to right? It seems like it comes out of thin air as there is no visible frame.

Why not just set the BackgroundTransparency to = 0?

You can achive something like this.

As you can see, the frame is ‘invisible’.

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wait what?? can you send me a place file please

Okay, here you go!

InvisibleFrame.rbxm (1.6 KB)

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