How to get an advanced projectile trajectory

So i was wondering how i can create advanced trajectories for projectiles. So instead of going straight with an arc (because the projectile has gravity), doing more advanced
such as:

So i was wondering if i can make a projectile that follows the above formula like trajectory. (so it goes up, down, up, down, while still going in the same direction.)

Is this also possible in 3d space? As in that the projectile changes trajectories, from all axes.

Basicly i want to know how i can create some advanced projectile tractories.

I’ll go to sleep now so i will only react after a few hours.

You can position your projectile using any function of time or distance, so yes?


But how can i achieve it?

What i want is to have a eazy way to get new projectile trajectories

Just set the projectile’s position on the path you want.

Use Bezier curves. They are points which curve a path, and you can have multiple of these points.

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Are you asking for a formula for a Sine wave affected by gravity?

No, i want to know how i can achieve more advanced projectile trajectory, that one i showed is just an example of what i want.

I already know berzier curves, but i am not sure how i can achieve that effect.

You’re gonna have to just try it. Put whatever function of time you can think of in your projectiles velocity / position function.


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