How to get better at Physics, CFrame, Math

I am currently in a phase where I feel like everything I do is super easy. I can do a fair amount of things, including UI, game scripting, rounds, guns, etc. Though, extremely weak points are using math with CFrame, and Physics/BodyMovers, calculating velocities, etc. I want to be able to feel confident in my skills, yet I can’t find anything related to these topics to teach me in depth on how to use it. The API’s for all the body movers and CFrame are fairly confusing and hard to navigate. I can understand it, but getting those settings right, and scripting it properly is extremely hard. What mainly surprised me when I searched it up, was that I could find almost nothing on how to get better at Physics. Maybe I’m just not searching properly, but there’s just nothing there.

I want to be able to advance my learning and apply it to other things, even other coding languages. I’ve noticed that I’m extremely bad at semi-advanced math. I can do basic/intermediate things, and algebra, but I just can’t do anything physics/CFrame wise.

Anywho, thanks for reading, and if you can, thanks for helping. Any resources, tutorials, or videos would be greatly appreciated.


Everything you have mentioned will involve some type of math. The big fields you should be familiar with include: algebra, trigonometry, real-world physics, linear algebra, and there might be a few others.

As for improving your skills with physics it is probably best to study it on your own time. You can then use what you have learned and try to apply the same principles in Roblox. The physics will probably and mostly only deal with motion, but it doesn’t hurt to learn more than that.

College Physics: OpenStax

CFrame is arguably more complicated to intuitively understand. However, there is intuition hiding under all those numbers. That’s what CFrame is anyways; numbers being manipulated by numbers. Anyways if you want to learn about the actual math behind CFrame you will want to solidify your knowledge with matrices,vectors, and trigonometry. Then learn at least the basics of linear algebra, specifically linear transformations and composition of linear transformations.

Linear Algebra: Essence of linear algebra - YouTube
Linear Algebra:
Matrices: Matrices
Vectors: Vectors in Maths | Introduction to Vectors | Euclidean Vector Examples

There are tons of other resources you could use by just searching for them online, or through books

Also if you want to get better at math, reading and watching videos is fine, but you need to actually do the math yourself through practice problems and/or challenges.