How to get catalog image from asset id

I am trying to make an image of an item show up in game after the item id has been put into a text box. I have read many articles on how to do this, but I haven’t been able to directly find an example of a script.

Any help on a script is appreciated <3


I’m fairly certain these posts still provide the current methods of achieving the requested outcome.

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This is the only way of converting the catalog ID to the asset ID outside of pasting it into studio that I know of. InsertService:LoadAsset

Thank you so much, I some how didn’t come across these while researching :sweat_smile:

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I think the goal of @iiplayblo_x was for the Roblox player to go to the catalog and find an item they would like, copy the AssetId from the URL and then paste it into the game. So they already had a way for the user to manually get the AssetId.

Yeah that’s what I was answering. For example this decal of mine has a catalog ID (from the URL on the site) of 6540051678. In game however it uses an asset ID of 6540051656. I can pass that catalog ID into InsertService:LoadAsset() and it will return the decal with the Texture property converted to the asset ID.

Edit: the wiki clarifies here. The catalog ID points to the decal instance, while the asset ID points to the texture it’s self.

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That’s what I was telling you.
They asked for the image shown on the catalog, not the texture.
If you only want the catalog image (decal) then using the ContentId should be sufficient.