How to get Color3 from a Keypoint in a UIGradient

I’m trying to get the Color3 from a UIGradient keypoint. This seems to print 5 numbers. First seems to be the keypoint, 2,3,4 are the RGB, unsure what the 5th one is, but how I can get 2,3,4 as a Color3? Doing Keypoint[2] errors

for i = 1, 7 do
		local Keypoint = UI.Cloned.RainbowGradient.Color.Keypoints[i]
local colorSeq = UIGradient.Color.Keypoints

for _, keypoint in ipairs(colorSeq) do
	print(keypoint.Time) -- position/distance from the start to 1
	warn(keypoint.Value) -- the color

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