How to get content of file (.lua) from plugin script?

I want to get source of Roblox lua files. How to load it from asset link?
I tried get it by GETAsync, but HTTP service says: “Trust check failed”

I didn’t found any working solutions

Use it for good and don’t be a scumbag that steals plugin scripts.

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I ask this question for my plugin for get up-to-date info from Roblox Scripts
UPDATED: It’s not working. The LoadAsset() function requires the id, not a way

You can load a module every 30 seconds and change the module version every time u update.

Do you mean a file on your file system? Check out StudioService on the wiki, there’s a method called somethingsomethingPromptSomethingFileSomething

I love using


in my scripts!

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I don’t want to prompt file select. I want to get file content without prompts

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But you are talking about getting a file from the user’s local file system? In that case you can create a plugin that communicates with a process running on their computer using HttpService. I’m not 100% sure how, but I think sending/listening on “localhost” allows you to do this. This means that in addition to the plugin, you’ll have to develop an application that runs outside of Studio and which can access the file system and communicate the contents of files to the plugin. I believe this is the gist of how Rojo works. Since it’s open source you might want to take a look at that