Hi! I am making my talent hub portfolio but I cannot find the experience id for my game. The universe ID didn’t work and I cant find the experience ID anyway, thanks for any help.


Hi there,

I believe the experience ID is the ID that you get when you visit the game in your browser, in your URL.

Example:, here is 189707 the experience ID.

Hope this helps!


Can I have someone give this to me? I’ve worked on already released games on someone’s account so it’s not like we had a team for the actual game I just made some stuff and gave it to them. Can I get them to do the same thing and give me their link and will that work for me to add it to my portfolio?

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I guess that wouldn’t be a problem. If you made it, you can use it on your portfolio.

You can get the experience ID from the Creator Dashboard, find the experience you’re looking for and then press the meatballs menu (three dots), and press ‘Copy Universe ID’. The universe ID is the same as the experience ID.

You can also get the experience ID from in studio, by pasting print(game.GameId) in the console.

For games you don’t have access to you can go to this website where PLACE-ID-HERE is the ID from the number in the experience page. So, for example for the ID you would use is 606849621. credits for this last paragraph:

I hope this helps!!

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That’s the universe id not the experience id. It’s literally in the name

That’s the place id not the experience id


If you read the post, you’d see that i said that the universe id IS THE SAME AS the experience id.

Nope. It is not the same ID. I get a different ID from the creator dashboard and from the API and they’re not interchangeable, low-effort troll

Are you sure you’re not getting the place ID and universe/experience ID mixed up? what are you using the experience ID for? A universe ID, experience ID and game ID are all the same, because they’re different names for the same things.

no the experience id is located in creator page. Just click one of your games you created and you’ll see this link
the number is the experience id

There was really no need to bump this topic, was there? Anyway, yes that is the experience ID. I’m not too sure why you’re denying my post.