How to get / find Supercharger sound?


im currently trying to find a Supercharger sound wich is actually easy BUT, i need it for a Car so i need a Sound idle.

Sound system / script works like: Higher RPM = higher pitch & higher volume that’s why i need a Idle sound that sounds like a Supercharger when RPM goes higher.

All i need help with, is where i can find / buy such a Idle because i don’t find anything like this, only revs like in Video but that’s not what i need because it’s not Looped than.


Thanks for any help and Tips!

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Try out this website, its what i use:

Thx but theres no Supercharger idle.
Didnt help me

Find a steady engine sfx, and turn up its playback speed until it sounds like a supercharger… thats a decent workaround if you cant find idle supercharger.

The OP needs the sound to be when the supercharger is idle, not revving.