How to get from raycasting -> to a image file of a minimap

Not really what you are looking for, but I made a 3D minimap.



I attached a roblox place that I made & then gave to vetexR for his arcane adventures game, to make a simple minimap out of frames

It’s just so you can take a quick screencap of the resulting frames and edit it in or something so it’s just 1 image instead of a bajillion.

Your minimap came out slanted cuz you messed up your iterating loop, I’m guessing

map aa raycast final.rbxl (13.1 KB)


I pack my pixel data into a binary format, and then I use HttpService to send it to PHP on my local machine (not sure of the exact terminology here but hopefully you get the idea). If the resolution is fairly high then I send it over in several chunks, and then I use another PHP file to create the PNG.

Feel free to DM me if you want a hand setting something like this up for yourself!


Tbh What I did was I set the camera’s FOV to 1 or something SUPER low then zoomed out all the way on top. After that, I just took a screenshot. That made a nice looking minimap. and it kept the shading & terrain if there were any.

Here’re the results:

If you’re planning on using this method though, I’d recommend setting your camera type to scriptable & then making the CFrame the same as a part that’s already above where your camera will go because that way there will be no imperfect rotation (Fixed cameras can’t look straight down.)

Edit: I made a plugin to help with this. Here’s a link: