How to get how many likes my game has


I’ve been looking for a while now and I’ve been unable to find much besides Using the Roblox Api On!(proxy) - A long tutorial (Noblox.js wrapper and Cookie less) which I would like to know if there is a quicker way before I do that long tutorial.

I’ve found

local http = game:GetService("HttpService")
local data = http:JSONDecode(http:GetAsync(""

Which will give me this but it doesn’t include upvotes

Is there a quick and simple way to retrieve the upvotes? I’ve tried with the same roproxy, but it seems that it just throws me a sorry you’ve been blocked screen meaning it can’t retrieve it.

Any help will be appreciated!

Made a post on how you can pretty much make your own roproxy

So try this until roproxy gets fixed

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Thanks, I’ll look into it and let you know how it goes.

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