How to get how many studs one "scale" is

Hey there,

Currently, I am making a Battle Royale game, and I am using a special mesh part to make the barrier.
And a special mesh part uses “Scale” and not X,Y,Z (I believe Vector3) values.

And the method I am using to see if a player is inside that hollow cylinder is using magnitude checks too see if the player is inside that part.

So I know the radius and then I see if the magnitude of the player is = or less than the radius he is inside.

But as the barrier/storm is in Scale I cannot find out how many studs the radius is thus no way of checking if player is inside.

So I was just wondering if there is any formula or way too get scale to studs or if there is some other method. Thanks !

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i believe special mesh’s Scale property uses a scale relative to the part it’s parented to, so 1 would be exactly the parts size, 0.5 would be half of it, haven’t looked into it much, maybe you could multiply it by half of the parent cubes size? Radius = PartStudSize.X(or Y or Z)/2 * MeshScale.X (or Y or Z)/2
Edit: i found this, it could be useful


I don’t believe the part scale is the same as the one you use in GUI’s.

Since, the parent part of the special mesh is tiny compared to the mesh.

But I thought about this:

If I make the parent part which is small, the same size as my special mesh I could kind of calculate the radius of the mesh if I kind of “pretend the part is a cylinder”.

Do you get what I mean? Do you think that will be possible?

well if special meshes size is different from the actual parts size, if you wanted to scale the part you’d need the actual size of the mesh in studs, which you’re trying to find, what’s the point of scaling it if you already have the information, the question is how you convert that size to studs, one way i’m thinking of is manually picking a size for example 1,1,1 then a size like 10,10,10, manually putting a block next to it and measuring both of the sizes in studs, you’l know how big a mesh scale 1,1,1 means in studs, same with mesh scale from 10,10,10 to studs, you’d calculate the average studs to mesh scale ratio if you divided that by 10 and you’d be able to scale it accordingly.