How to get Id of any place created in specific group? (Not mine)

Hi, does anyone know an API that will show up any private game created by a specific group without having a developer permission in it? Thanks!

private games


whats the point of setting a game to private if everyone can know it exists through API???

There will be a new official IKEA event on 24th, but the event place is set to private and nobody knows it.

I just realized that I didn’t checked 2nd API in GamesV2 API.

Nah, it’s not showing all of the private games.

fun fact: a private game is hidden

Bruh, anyone can get all places that created in specific ID without some special permissions, so it should be possible.

cant u just use rollimons for that then???

How? You can do that without rollimons.

well if u really want, try[universeid]/places

I know this API already, it’s a API that showing all games in one experience, not all private that was created by specific person.