How to get into ugc

I’m trying to make hats for Roblox but IDK how I’ve waited months for them to come out with something saying if they were adding new people but they never did.


Either be a famous youtube creator in the star programme, be a famous developer, (You don’t need to know how to make meshes to be one, hence this monstrosity Modern Art - Roblox) ← Keep in mind, this is 150 robux, that’s about how much a gravity coil gamepass at some sketchy obby game for children costs, so I’d say not too much, but this sold in the masses, with at least a thousand buyers, so in total that would equal to around 150K, which is alot, at least for me, being possessing the most robux of 60,000, which originated from 20,000 from a birthday present. I ended up losing it tragically by being scammed through limiteds, and to this day I have never received any support or (I forgot what this word is due to my poor vocabulary memory, but it starts with a C and has something to do with getting something from losing something purely as charity)


So basically there is no way i can be one unless i’m a known person in the roblox community?


Yup, the only other way I can think of is having extreme luck

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should i try to contact a admin?

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I don’t think you’d get anywhere far from doing so, haha. Contacting an administrator may only yield several results.

  1. A bot replies and you receive an irrelevant answer
  2. You’re completely ignored
  3. The admin gives you an irrelevant answer

The best chance you may have is to become a prestigeous developer and carve your way into a RDC, be endorsed by ROBLOX, and only until then will you be able to get into the programme.

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A good friend of mine, Chad, made this image
and is still trying to get in the UGC programme, really shows how hard it is.

Which is really absurd now that you think about it because this earned a large stash and is only a box with a poorly drawn face probably using texture paint in blender

Nonetheless, Bethink is a highly valued developer responsible for creating one of the largest games on ROBLOX, Adopt Me.

do you think contacting a ugc member and asking them to upload my hats would work and i might be noticed?

You are wrong. Just because you are a famous developer doesn’t mean you just suddenly get access to uploading hats. You need to have skill in 3D modelling and be able to make hats. Bethink is a good 3D modeller, hence why they are in the UGC program. The star creators are a different reason, and they are only allowed to upload 1 hat per month.


Ok but the problem is getting noticed by Roblox to let them let you upload idk how to do that I’m badlad921 btw

Most of the non-Youtubers in the program are people who have previous worked as an intern at Roblox. Even some of the most famous devs on the platform, like badcc and asimo, aren’t even able to make money off their own avatars because the UGC program is such a tiny elitist group. Roblox has done a horrible job with this program, which could’ve been a great way for the community to make each other assets — now it’s just another elitist group on the platform and, even worse, one that has a complete monopoly.

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They just go around choosing people. For example posatta said.

Also, I don’t recommend having an alt on the devforum because it could be used for bypassing forum moderation.

Oh I’m not trying to do that I have this account for scripting help and other stuff

You really can’t unless you are very well known in the youtube or developing community.

What about asking a Ugc member to upload it for you and you get credit and they add you?

Well good luck even getting attention of a UGC developer. Most of them get hundreds of DMs a day they wont even notice you.

As @coefficients said in updates, Roblox choose the developers that have worked with them and have some experience on 3D Modeling.

This is not an art design support question. Please do not misuse categories.