How to get items aboard cargo ship to stay on cargo ship?

I have this cargo ship model for an upcoming game I am working on:

I have gotten the movement of the ship to work very nicely, but the most important part of the ship is not working whatsoever.

It totally screws up the movement of the ship. At first, I thought this was due to the movement of the ship being ran on the client, so I made it on the server (and disabled NetworkOwnership), but this did not fix it.

Oddly enough, after some time, and some serious glitching out, the blocks shown in this video finally started to respect the cargo ship, and move around with it

Now, with a vehicle, the situation is even worse: It usually just falls out, as seen below.

This is unacceptable, since the entire point of this cargo ship is to move vehicles around.

What can I do to mitigate this, that isn’t welding?

I gotta ask, why won’t you use welding?

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It will likely require the use of buttons to get players to anchor/unanchor vehicles at the appropaite times, as pictured below:

The average ROBLOX player probably isn’t going to notice/care about this, even if I put a mini-tutorial about it in, so I could see it leading to some gameplay issues

Well you could weld the object when player sits to drive the boat then unweld the objects after the player gets off the seat.

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