How to get meshes from Avatar shop?

Hello everyone! Im trying to get this hat “8143619424” But every time i put it in the special mesh it goes away :frowning:
Here is my layout:

Ps. This “8143619424” Id is from avatar shop “Happy Blue Neon Cyber Mask”

It turns invisible (My ID Is from avatar shop ID)

The ID you need to provide for SpecialMesh is totally diffrent from the avatar shop one because the item itself is split into 2 parts (texture and mesh)

Trying 8143543528 for MeshId and 8143540807 for TextureId should work in this case!

If you wish to use avatar shop IDs to import accesories (which have both IDs in SpecialMesh already), i recommend using this plugin:


Thanks, I understand It all now!