How to get more players on my game?

How can I increase my player count. On week days there are typically 10-20 players and on weekends the game has between 25-49 players how do you get more players to your game? How can you increase player count, engagement and playtime too? I have tried changing game icons but the player count doesn’t seem to increase that much. How can I draw more traffic to the game?


You should promote your game by sharing it, investing in advertisements and overall provide enough updates to keep your userbase occupied.

When you mean sharing what do you mean by that I’ve done alot of updates etc.

Can you perhaps link your game?

By providing a link to your game to friends and family so they check out your game.

Oh I already did that but none of my friends that I know in real life care and I’ve shared it with all of my friends online is there a platform thats good for sharing games?

You can try creating a game page on sites like Gamejolt or where can visit your place from there.

I agree, try making some simple advertisements for your game, and I think that should increase player count quite a bit. Also a tip for an advertisement: Add a sort of hook to it. For example, if you were to be making a difficult obby, get players to join by saying in your ad something like “I bet you won’t be able to beat this,” or “Do you think you’re a pro at obbies? Do you have what it takes? Find out! Play blah now!” This sort of hooks the player’s attention and provides that desire to prove themselves. That could be very beneficial to making your game succeed. Hope this helps! Good luck! c;

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Thanks I’ll take that with me!

🚀Twin Universe Space Rocket Simulator🚀🪐 - Roblox here it is

Honestly this is my opinion but remove the rocket emojis to make it a bit better cause the game looks Hella work put into it the icon is ok. I suggest you promote your game by a ad

You can keep the planet emoji :wink:

Okay but why should i remove the rocket emojis i just want to know why

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playing the game itself and the icon a thumbnail quite dosent match the vibe of the game The game it self it pretty cool but the emojis don’t stick with the game itself

ok thanks for the advice i’ll take it into consideration

Another way besides promoting your game with ads and sponsors, is to build up a community with social media links that you can plug in under the description of your game.

Yes i’ve tried but the majority of my followers on twitter n stuff are just follow bots it’s only on youtube i have anaudiece