How to get my game on the featured page?


I have a game called Daycare Center that I’ve been working on for the better part of almost 2 years.

At this point I feel like I’ve gotten the majority of features I wanted to release, released. My next step is to increase my player base, and my best shot at this is the Featured tab. My only problem is I have no clue how to get my game noticed by Roblox so it can be put on the featured tab.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


Please do some research before posting. Here is a post about this topic.

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That was actually disregarded as far as I understand. I’m asking about whether or not there are any other ways besides the automatic eligibility listed below, for me to get my game noticed.

Edit: Changes to the Featured Games Sort

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In that case, the best way to get your game featured would be to advertise it. Before you do that, I would make sure your game follows the guidelines, and make your game look nice.

Alternatively, you can get your game onto the This Week on Roblox page by signing up here. You may also get your game onto the Rthro sort (provided it meets the requirements) here.


Sponsor your game, games aren’t added to the featured list just like that. My Rake game entered the featured list many months after it was released, and this happened just after ROBLOX reviewed it on one of their videos, so you’d need to catch their attention some way.


I recommend getting sponsors, the best way is through advertising and setting up some sort of campaign. For example, you could use the promocode effect that people would see and want to use it. If your daycare has a job system, maybe have an ad saying something about job applying.

Semi-related question, but how much did you sponsor and what was your schedule? Like how long did you keep sponsoring, and for how much.

I sponsored 7.5k on the first day of release for my game, and got at very peak 168 concurrent players. Since then, my game hasn’t stuck for a variety of reasons, mainly a dislike bot that pretty much ruined any chances of being included on a game sort.

Just today actually we got 100,000 visits.

Well I only did it a few times and it was more than 7.5k.