Changes to the Featured Games Sort

As part of our ongoing efforts to surface quality content, you may have noticed some changes to the content within the featured sort. The initiative is designed to surface a greater variety of engaging content at a greater frequency. While we are currently rotating weekly, this is subject to change in the future.


What requirements change?

  • The Featured sort will be rotating based on engagement hours and popularity.
  • Developers no longer need to submit an application to have their games featured.

What is the criteria for featured games?

  • Your game will be automatically eligible for this opportunity based on player engagement & popularity on the games sort.

How many games are featured at a time?

  • 20 PC
  • 15 Tablet & Phone

Is Xbox featuring impacted by the new process?

  • Our Xbox Featuring process doesn’t change. We will be actively reaching out to developers who qualify to the opportunity. You will be contacted by the Developer Relations Team if your game is eligible for Xbox Featuring.

What’s the rotation?

  • Weekly on Mondays (this is subject to change)

How do I know if my game is added to the Featured Games Sort?

  • You will receive a notification on the Developer Forum when your game is added to the sort.

In terms of the copyright oriented areas of the featured sort criteria, will questions on copyright (e.g. music rights) be asked before the game is featured (as devrel would not be able to check copyright ownership themselves)? Also, will the rest of the featured sort criteria still apply, and will they be evaluated by devrel or by the developer?


This is really good change you guys did but, when you’r game gets feature based on player is that good or you have to hit more visits plus players to order to get featured?. I just want to get a better explanation on this…!


So is this basically another Popular tab, now even more locked down to the top performing on the platform? What is the point of it existing if it mimics an existing tab, already located near the top of the front page?


Are there steps taken to ensure already obviously popular games aren’t just featured repeatedly in an endless cycle?


Would this mean that the new featured section is just the new [WEEKLY] Popular sort, without age settings put into account?


Guys remember they said based on popularity , they didn’t say how popular . So this could mean a small amount of popularity or large amount . Don’t just assume guys . You might still have a chance :slight_smile: . Also you could be featured based on engagement too according to this so if your game is engaging (which is a good indicator of a good game ) you will have a chance I think to be featured


If my game hit all the requirements but is paid access, can it still be featured?
How much time do we have to wait after being featured to get featured again?


Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub I would read this , it tells you all you need to know on the rules for being featured . In short your game must not be paid access to be featured


Oh thank I completly forgot those rules existed!


I’m assuming it doesn’t matter how popular the game is? Because a game with originally 15 players got featured and it released like less than a month ago it seems like.


Well it looks like that might be changing since this post was made like an hour ago . I speculate that might be a good visit count to aim for ;). But, a better answer would probably be from a dev relations team member or a top contributor

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Not sure, Dashing Simulator (currently featured) has The Flash in their game icon which they obviously don’t own the rights to so I’d assume they don’t or won’t check.


Just what I wanted! Already popular games that I’ve heard of being featured instead of well-made but not popular games that I might enjoy! Awesome work guys!


That’s nice to see that you don’t need to ask to be featured anymore. The only two concerns I have are that the featured might be flooded with games from the “Popular” section and (like someone above already mentioned) the fact, that there might be copystrike-able content in the featured games.


I’m sure ROBLOX will find a balance between popular and semi popular games and maybe even low pop games . We will have to see :slight_smile:


Maybe thinking, some of the Live apps games could be added into there? But like you said, we will have to see.

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I think this is great! Although, once your featured for a week, does it mean your ineligible for any future placements on the featured games sort?


This was quite a disappointing announcement for developers who aren’t popular yet. I’m sorry if I interpreted your replies wrong on the ‘Official Featured Sort Game Nomination Survey’ thread, but it sounded as if you guys were going to announce something actually regarding the concerns raised, such as how smaller developers would now be given some recognition.

Hey folks,
Thank you for voicing your concerns. We appreciate it! :heart:
We are actively listening to your feedback and have been working on communication internally which helps address the current concerns. We’re hoping to release the announcement by end of this week.

I would still like to know if there would be any way in the future for smaller developers to get recognised without spending ludicrous amounts of Robux on advertising. It is quite hard to get recognition, and I’ve seen many high quality games buried under the dirt, which was very disheartening to see.

After all, the original purpose of the Featured Games program, as described in the blog post ‘Saying Goodbye to Tickets’, was the following:

Q: How can new Developers get started without Tickets?

ROBLOX is a place where many game developers get their start. We are committed to making sure new developers get their games discovered. for you to submit your up and coming games to. These submissions will be reviewed by our marketing team and submissions that meet our editorial standards could end up in the featured games sort.

  • The Featured sort will be rotating based on engagement hours and popularity.

I’ve already mentioned in multiple threads why I’m not a fan of this. Basically, I think it’s silly to give more visibility to games that obviously are already popular and don’t need it.

  • Developers no longer need to submit an application to have their games featured.

What? So I can’t even ask you guys to feature my game anymore? How is this going to work?

  • Your game will be automatically eligible for this opportunity based on player engagement & popularity on the games sort.

I myself can’t even figure out if I’m meeting terms this vague. How do you determine “player engagement”? How do I know if my game is popular enough to be featured?

  • Weekly on Mondays (this is subject to change)

So we get featured for only a week now? Why the change?

Overall this is very disappointing. I never even got the chance to have my games featured because of random changes like these. How are small devs supposed to show off their games? This update does nothing to help small devs’ games get seen and instead pushes the same content from the popular sort.

Please help us small devs out instead of constantly making it harder for us to get visible.