How to get my game running?

So I have a game: maybe idk - Roblox

And it’s receiving an update tomorrow. (full revamp, scripts, builds, etc)

And I was wondering… how can I make this game successful?

Sure, Ads can make your game popular but most ads I run aren’t successful.


That game looks sick! Personally, I recommend just using sponsored games as they are a better option since Roblox plugins now disable most Roblox ads. Also, an amazing way to advertise is social media, especially TikTok nowadays. A game for an example is oil warfare tycoon, they got their whole community from TikTok and they receive thousands of players. I suggest using social media or just asking a couple of friends to tell their friends.

There are still many SCP games on Roblox so it may take a while for your game to gain any popularity as players rather play the one that already has players. Just make sure you have some custom and new features that other SCP games do not have.

(Unnecessary question, what is the first music that plays when you join the game called?)

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You must have sponsorships. It’s the base. YouTube videos are not stable enough unless you signed a contract with a daily YouTuber with 25K+ subscribers.

A golden standard for some politicians is emotional guidance… not manipulation, like dirty ones, but emphasizing what it FEELS like to play your game in the advertisement. That’s just a thought I had, I’m certain you can achieve whatever you put your mind to, and I wish you success!!

You could use Social Media such as Tiktok, reddit, etc. to get your game out there, gather some friends or some people in general, make your game look like a “How it feels to chew 5 GUM” commercial through video editing and make sure to use certain tags to target the demographic of players who love this SCP stuff. That is free advertising, no money spent, just your time.

Yea, make it like 5 gum commercials. Make it as funny as that kid smashing his head into a wall in that meme.

In all seriousness, use social media platforms + Sponsorships

Ah, you know what I meant by that, really something that grasps the viewers attention.

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Thanks, the menu music is ‘Ajoura - The SCP Foundation Main Theme’

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Thank you. I appreciate that!
Going to come up with a different tactic.

How much Robux do you spend on ads? (On average)

I spent 20k… and got like 5k impressions! Horrible.

Also you can get a youtuber to play it, such as a troll youtuber or flamingo, I got flamingo to play our game before and we got over 5 million visits. Although if you want a youtuber to play it you must have a stable player base of like at least a few people. You would also need to give them a perk such as a special code just for them or a rank for them in your case. Youtubers always are in need of content so just get a few players playing and then ask a couple to play. They are a great source of contribution.