How to get new frames put into ScrollingFrame with UIListLayout (via script) to be inserted to the top of the list instead of the bottom

I am attempting to create a completed trades list, where a new frame will be put into the ScrollingFrame with an UIListLayout (via script). However, when a new frame is put in, it is inserted to the bottom of the list instead of the top. See the image below (arranged in numbers from 1 as most recent trade and 4 as the oldest trade.)

However, I would like to have new frames inserted to the top instead of the bottom so that the most recent trades are at the top instead of at the bottom, such as the image below.

Considering that the frames I put into the ScrollingFrame all have the same name, how would I achieve this?

To get more control over the list layout you can change its SortOrder from LayoutOrder to Alphabetical. From there you could probably work your way to a script that would change the label names to be sorted alphabetically.