How to get Play-Testers?

I searched through the DevForum on where I should post this, this seemed the most logical for my question. If I’m incorrect please correct me and notify me where to find the appropriate spot.
Actual Question
I’ve been working on my game for around two months now and am trying to get play testers to try my game and provide feedback. Now last time I did this this was at Public Recruitment but those who helped were (to my knowledge) on the older side. I’m now trying to have younger players try it and see what they like and dislike (mainly pre-teen) now I need this feedback to design my game properly. My question is, is it against Roblox’s TOS to go in game(s) and ask for testers if not, where can I find this audience to try my game to get feedback? Thanks in advanced,

  • Although it is important to get feedback from a younger audience (as Roblox games are for children), getting older testers works well too.
    • It is possible the younger one may spread false information, etc.
    • If the older one is aware what the typical young one would expect from a game, s/he can be more effective than the young one.

  • First of all, it’s important to have someone “specialize” in testing.
    • This does not mean to find someone on GRP or another recruitment game. This also does not mean to pay anyone you see.
    • Look at QA Testers - they don’t spill any information and sign an NDA.

Feel free to DM me here, I’ll happily test your game.

While I am not sure, this shouldn’t be a rule. The other person will have to can agree with it in advance. The other person doesn’t even have to perform any actions instructed unless a contract was signed.


I asked about two months ago to get Tester added as a Functional Class like Modeller, Scripter, Designer, etc but have no response but still hoping.
I have done software testing in various degrees of detail for over 20 years.
I enjoy it more than creating.

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