How to get player character before player will got remove

That is false, I tested this.

What do you mean?

The code I provided should be your solution.

I ran that code (in Studio) and it didn’t print a thing because the Character is gone when they’re leaving.


Works fine in studio, perhaps this is a bug.

When player is leaving

Player.Character is already gone

this is error i got

21:07:52.859 - ServerScriptService.Script:123: attempt to index nil with ‘Humanoid’

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In that case, store the player in a table so you can access the instance when they’re leaving.

but we can’t know when player’ll leaving…

Use the event, then access the table.

How ? I don’t understand?

I understand as
store character everytime it added

we can’t because we don’t know when objectvalue will got added.

You can detect this by using __newindex, which is requiring a metatable.

Uhh, sorry i didn’t learning about it yet.

Or should i will store character that will got removing on ServerStorage

Maybe you can look into player.CharacterRemoving instead.

If you want to get the player’s character couldn’t you use the CharacterRemoving event rather than the PlayerRemoving event?

Just like what Syclya said ^

Umm i want to get it before player will got removed

Look my old topic to know i’m doing what.

Why would you want to get the character right before the player gets removed rather than right before when the character gets removed?

by doing this maybe i would do like that

--- example char removing evnet
if game.ServerStorage.Backup:FindFirstChild(char.Name) then
char:Clone().Parent = game.ServerStorage.Backup

i want to get it because im doing combat log system, if player on combat will do something.

local Players = game:GetService('Players')

		local Check = Players:GetPlayerFromCharacter(Character)
		if not Check then
			-- they are no longer in game.

Perhaps something like this (?)