How to get Player Feedback? (Need Guidance)


As I am a Programmer my job is to not only write code and make the game function well but I also have to fix mistakes that I have created, these are Bugs and Glitches.

My question is how should I receive feedback; suggestions, bugs and glitches?

  • First thing I can think of is my Private Messages but I do not want to have that open, because I never really had a good experience using it.

  • Group wall is less than half useful from time to time there will be spam and scam that clutters the Group wall

  • In game Feedback UI, that is fantastic but I need something right now, I don’t have time to make one of those at the moment.


So what are my other options?

Well, I’m not entirely sure if I can redirect then to my Twitter or other whitelisted mediums

My idea is to first direct them here to the DevForum with a #bulletin-board thread telling them what to do;

So instructing them to Private Message me on the DevForum with the Title of [Bug/Glitch Report] or [Suggestion/Idea], with a descriptive Description, Reproduce Steps and a Video or Screenshot, with Client Side Output.

Are we allowed to proceed with said procedure?


It’s probably easier for you to do the DevForum thing, but perhaps not as easy for the players.

If a player runs into a bug, has a suggestion or whatnot, they may want to report it. However, they’re probably not going to go all the way to find some way of messaging you, regardless if that’s on Roblox, the DevForum or on another platform (Twitter, etc). You said that a feedback UI would be good, but you don’t have time. You might have to make time if you want to get feedback from players.

Plus, the feedback UI wouldn’t take long to make.
You could send all requests to Discord, or GitHub (if that’s possible). I mean, it really depends on what you value more. Do you value more reports of bugs, feedback and suggestions or do you value more detailed reports? If you value quantity, you should go with the feedback UI (or something not too dissimilar), but if you value quality, you should probably stick with the DevForum method. I believe that it’s allowed, but don’t quote me on that.


I could have best of both worlds but right now I choose quality over massive spam hahah!

You are right that the UI won’t take much time but right now my time is short and we are racing the clock every minute counts so I can’t really spend time on UI Feedback nor get distracted by low quality reports.


Okay, bad news pal

Visitors can not message anyone on the DevForum so… I need to find another way

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You could organise the feedback UI in such a way that it encourages good reports.

For example, quoting your original post:

Title of [Bug/Glitch Report] or [Suggestion/Idea], with a descriptive Description, Reproduce Steps and a Video or Screenshot, with Client Side Output.

You could have specific sections in the UI for this, to make it obvious on how to fill it out to get the most beneficial reports.

Of course, on the contrary, there will always be the few people that will abuse the system just to mess with you. You could always filter out the poor reports (e.g. ones that don’t have enough info could be rejected, ones that contain certain words could be removed)

Just an idea, but it’s a simple way to get the best of both sides.


In my game Infinite Autocorrect, players can click a “Suggestion Box” that integrates a Discord webhook. This means all suggestions are seen by me in a private channel on a discord server.