How to Get Player.Name to work

Hey There! I’m trying to get this TextLabel’s Script to say the players name when there’s a text animation.

I’ve tried and now all it says is that code “Do you know where you are Player.Name?” It won’t say the players name.

I followed Alvinbox’s tutorial to make a typewriter text animation, because I want the type writer text animation

Here the Script:

local textLabel = script.Parent:WaitForChild(“Text”)


local function typewrite(object,text,length)

for i = 1,#text, 1 do

object.Text = string.sub(text,1,i)




typewrite(textLabel, “Do you know where you are”,0.05) – Time

Heres the Image’s

You need to combine strings.


local Message = "This players name is "..Player.Name.."!"
2 Likes is in the string block.

Try this instead:

"Do you know where you are" .. .. "?"

Thanks I’m testing the code write now.

Thank you this really Helped! I’ve been try for so long but this worked!
Thank You!