How to get players for my experience without without budget

Hello, last time I got troubles with getting any players for my game, Ads is a good way, but I don’t have money for them, including fact now its even expensier than it was before, is there any other good ways to get players? I tried to make translating for few huge player base (arabic, turkish, russian etc) but still got no players, my game is not very special its basically obby for two players but with some new things.
Sure I am not best scripter(beginner at it), I can’t do something really new to community.

I’m trying not to make “cash grab rainbow buttons” game,
Just to make gameplay relaxing for players
Feel free to say your mind about the game or how to make it better.

A good way to begin is think of a theme your obby could get into.

Stuff like “2 Player Teamwork Obby!” or “2 Player [THEME] Obby” might help you pick up a few players from search.

You could also overhaul the design of the game, from what I’m seeing it’s very basic and there’s not much around to keep player’s engaged in playing your obby. Think of decorations you could add around to make it more visually appealing to players. You could also add some music to the game, maybe morphs, or trails, stuff to keep them entertained while playing it. Since your obby is outside you could use a nice skybox rather than just the standard grey roblox one which would overhaul the look of your obby.

Also think of what would make you want to play an obby that you see. What would it have to have to make you want to click on it and play it, and then continue playing it. Put yourself in the player’s position and you will get a lot of ideas on how to improve.

You can also try and create a more visually appealing icon / thumbnail that would get players to click on it.

Sponsors aren’t necessary, but they do help a lot. If you don’t have a budget you can probably look into creating youtube shorts / tiktoks on the game to drive traffic towards it.

Good luck, making a game can be hard at first, but stick to it and you’ll learn a lot more and be able to improve on your skills.