How to get position in a sound


How would I get the position of the red mark on the sound line in the picture above?


It prints ‘0’


Even though the marker is way above 0

It only works if you play it with :Play(). The preview button in the studio does nothing.

Try this:


Select the sound in the explorer and type it into the command bar.

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So is there no way to specifically get a timeposition of a sound in studio?

Yes you can but not when you use the preview.

As I said before, it only works when playing it with :Play. The preview won’t affect it at all.

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There could potentially be a sound object inside the toolbox plugin gui which is playing this sound as you ask it to. It might also be the same sound which handles audio playback inside the toolbox ui. If you can find that, you could use it. Otherwise, you can’t get the time position through that preview section.