How to get position of R6 Avatars foot

Hello, I am trying to make footprints. However - I cannot get the correct positioning of the foot (Some footprints are too high, some too low)
I tried positioning it using

sandfootstep.CFrame =,leg.Value.CFrame.Y - 1,leg.Value.CFrame.Z)

However, this way doesnt seem efficient. Is there any better way to get the CFrame of the foot?

You can utilize the LeftFootAttachment and RightFootAttachment attachments that can be found in each R6 leg (by default). Would recommend using their WorldCFrame property to establish your footstep.

Conversely, if you absolutely have to use the limbs to position the footstep, you can place the footstep relative to the leg instead:

What you are currently doing is close to this second solution, but it does not utilize the size or rotation of the leg - hence why it is off.

How would I go about using their World CFrame? (Never mind I found out, Thank you)

One more thing you could do is:

local RightLeg = Character["Right Leg"]
local FootPosition = (RightLeg.CFrame*,-1,0)).Position

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